Yes, girls. It’s time.

Massiexkur is saying goodbye. & This time, for good.

I will no longer be commenting, but I’ll have my other wordpress site.

Havent made a post in a while, but I’ll get to it.

Thanks to all the girls that roleplayed in my past Cliques. It was an AMAZING time with you fabulous girls.

This might not be the final goodbye. The real reason why I haven’t been posting is because I’ve outgrown the Clique.

Yes, it was EXTREMELY fun last summer, when I was younger. But now, it’s totally different.

You’ll find me more on my real wordpress site.

Thanks, and you guys were amazing.

-Massie Block



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Hey girlies,

Sorry for not updating. Im in Brazil with the PC.  Haha, we’re having so much fun.

Im updating from my phone, so I can’t really post.

I’ll post more lay-ter.

Bye girlies.


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It’s official.

Hey girlies,

I haven’t posted in a lawng time.

Who’s ready for summer 2011? I sure am.

Anyway, I have an Alicia. She will be updating frequently, and I expect awll of you to cawment on her blawg too.

If you guys are loyal to the official Massie Block.

Anyway, my MacBook Air broke, because Bean bit the charging cord!

I gave her a serious lecture, and now she’s curled up in bed.

Oh, and about the puppies, they’re about two weeks to three weeks old. Bean is very protective over them & will only let me handle them.

She won’t even let my mother or father feed them!

Okay, so it’s official.

Me & the Pretty Committee are going to Brazil.

I mean, we’ve been there before, but it wouldn’t hurt to visit again.

We’ll be in Brazil for about a month, and then go to Jamaica. Then maybe to the Carribeans after?

I can just imagine the warmth of the sun, on my skin. So nice.

Well, I guess I’ve given you an update awn my life, and how fah-bulous everything is going, and how everyone is.

I expect a lot of cawmments, at least 30 are th minimum for this wonderful update.



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Hey girlies,

Sorry for not posting. I had tests, and may-jawrly important quizzes. 

But I’ll make this post quite lawng, which means comments. And if I get about 20 comments, I’ll post a picture of myself.


Anyway, I haven’t posted for what? 2 weeks? 

Things are getting hectic. Summer is approaching, and that means I need to re-charge my bestfriend.

The credit card.

Okay, well Bean had ah-dorable puppies. 2 girls, 1 boy.

Sarah, Alanis, & Bryan.

Sarah is just the cuh-yutest newborn. She has big brown eyes, which are beautiful.

Anyways, I’m thinking of the places the PC & I could travel to. We were thinking maybe Brazil or Australia. 

Where the heat is, for the tans, ahv-course.

My birthday is coming up. About 2 more months, not counting May.

Excited. Hah.

Okay, well, I’m thinking of doing shout-outs. The more you cawment on my buh-lawg, you’ll get an advertizement every 3 posts.

Sound good?

& I’m looking for a good PC. I’m not sure if my Leesh is here, and I emailed Kuh-laire about a month ago…

But I think they’re nawt active. I might ride suh-oh-low until the summer.

Because that’s when newcomers come in, & that means we have to show them who rules WordPress.

Anyway, I have to go. It’s 8:15, & I have to go walk Bean then do homework.


-Massie Block 


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A Test

That, my friends, was a test.

To those who commented (I was just approving comments) , you passed.

I’ll be uhp-dating the GLU list Saturday, so keep your eye’s peeled.

And Leesh, I have gawssip. Email me – ClassicMassieB(at)

Okay, well this morning has been guh-reat so far. It’s 7:30, and Im awl-ready.

Last night I was flipping through the Westchester yearbook. Oh how ah-mazing (x 30000) I & the PC looked.

While the other girls wore Bobby Jack. Guh-ross.

Anyway, I’m thinking of re-doing my room. I want to go for a elegant look.

I was thinking of having my parents buy drawp-done curtains for my bed, but too many girls have that.

I may still with the iPad for a while, but before the summer – it’s gone.

So I’ve gotten quite a lot of Applications. I got 3 in the Inbox awl-ready, and 2 on the buh-lawg.

I have a Leesh –

And now we’re just looking for a PC.

All the Beauty & Fashion will be in a monthly or weekly email. Whenever I can.

Leave emails below, and I’ll respond.

-Massie Block


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Massie Block.

I’m officially back .

I can see alot of drama has happened. With OMB’s site getting hacked, to the 92 comments that were made. Dang. The hacker must’ve had a lot of time on her hands to hack such an important site. But, we all know OMB. She’ll make a blog ah-gain, I bet.

Well, like I said back in February, I was taking a break. My grades were dropping. And so here I am, with a passing average.

In the next post, I’ll be back to my usual self. But, it’s about 9:45 where I am. So I better hurry with the post.

Anyways, as much as I hate to say it, I got no views on my tip blog, which sucked.

So I came back here. And hopefully, I’ll get the thousands + hundreds of viewers I deserve.

Alright, so keep your eyes opened for the new post. It’ll have

  • Beauty Tips
  • Spring + Summer looks
  • New Hair-Cuts
  • Fashion Ideas

So stay tuned.

– Massie Block


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